Tilburg 16 - 23 september 2007
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ZXZW: In residence

ZXZW: In residence

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Country in residence
During the whole festival you will learn to know Monsieur Einrich Elkhart. He’s a diplomat from the Mostlandian Consulate. Mostlandia is a real country where they magnify the often-overlooked elements of modern life, convey a deep reverance and knowing nudge in onegesture. Mr. Elkhart can provide you with official passports, travel visas and icecream and will make sure Tilburg you will put the country on the map.

Mark Hosler
Consultant in residence
Hey, what’s that? Don’t consultants belong to companies? Actually a consultant is a person who provides advice in a particular area of expertise. ZXZW is the first festival in the world with an artistic consultant. Mark Hosler is a member of Negativland, an artist collective working in the field of music, visual arts, and other media. His help is needed because ZXZW is rapidly evolving from a small local festival to a international community of independent minds. We don’t want to be a regular festival with big names and we don’t want boring visual arts like the obvious paintings. But we want to be positive about independent culture and independent minds as a whole. Mark Hosler will talk to the festival staff, artists, festivalgoers, non-festival goers and everybody else who might be relevant. He will visit performances and look at the possibilities of city. After that he will give feedback on the future of the festival. You can follow the developments on this blog.

The Haters
Artist in residence
For almost three decades GX Jupitter-Larsen shows us that music hides in destruction.  Its conceptual releases and performances concentrate under others on the shattering of metal(courses of car-crashes), the crushing of stone, the breaking of glass, thetearing of paper etcetera. Who is by chance in the neighbourhood and has abalaclava can join up. GX Jupitter-Larsen comes from Canada, but chooses thegeographical indication from nowhere in particular. In Argument he will work for a week on new visual work. His workshop will be open every day. Next to that he will give performances at several venues in town.

Zeloot/ Helbaard
Artist in residence
Date: Monday  17 September  till  Sunday 23 September  @ Ruimte X
Maybe you will know the work from graphic designer Zeloot. Her work is dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethno poetics and outsider arts. She organizes concerts at Helbaard in The Hague and designs posters for venues like De Garage, Helbaard and Rotown. Her style is recognizable by simple, almost old fashioned, colour use and bold lines and psychedelic seventies influences. During ZXZW Zeloot will work a whole week at Ruimte X and invite fellow artists Jelle Krama and E*Rock.
Recently Zeloot has also been busy organizing shows in The Hague at an old school called De Huishoudschool under the moniker Helbaard. Lots of cool bands have found their way to the basement of the building, most of them are working in experimental, electronic and ‘free’music. The link with ZXZW is very obvious here, the combination of the two artforms and the high quality of both make Zeloot an excellent example of a ‘new’artist, not afraid to cross borders.

During the week visitors are invited to drop by Ruimte X between 13.00 and 17.00, on Saturday there’ll be live acts as well starting at 20.00 and Sunday, our main festival day, has a full program curated by Zeloot/Helbaard, starting at 15.00
Bands playing: Fyoelk (nl)/ Laser Quest (b+nl)/ Pulsating in the eyes of vision (b)/ Gangalai & Gourabai (b)/ Shattered Minds(b)/ Mik Quantius (D)/ Zim Zim Zim (b)

Suzan Kolen
whristband-maker in residence
This hot chick with killer legs (check them out!) comes from the great city of Hellmond, yeah, that’s the most ugly and terrifying city of Holland. But she’s a sweet girl and now she safely lives in Tilburg, which is – of course, much better. Suzan Kolen is whristband-maker in residence. Her own style, high fashion meets punk culture, is recognizable within a few seconds. Besides her studies at the art academy she also is the costume designer for The Meldy Peaches. The ZXZW  wristbands are all handmade by Suzan/twinkeltulpje, in a limited edition of 3000. So every visitor will be the proud owner of one piece of real high fashion. And you all know: high fashion isn’t art. It’s cool.

Theo Ploeg
journalist in residence
Most of the time new web journalism is old media pragmatism: Just the same formats turned digital, or some good old techno-fetishizm. Theo Ploeg is a pop critic and a media sociologist. He writes for magazines like Oor and Glamcult and teaches at the institute for interactive media. He will report on ZXZW in an expermental way: Are the possibilities of interactive media really limited? How can you really use digital media to make a festival vibe visible? Do digital media and digital users offer new ways for new dialectics? Sounds like a David Cronenberg movies? No, it's our journalist in residence! If you are Dutch you can read his blog.
ZXZW: In residence
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