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Incubate is the annual celebration of independent culture. Expect a diverse view on indie culture as a whole, including music, contemporary dance, film and visual arts. We bring more than 200 cutting edge artists in an intimate context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Street art next to academic dance.

Wardruna @ het Natuurtheater
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Kvitrafn - Goat Horn, 2007

Special folk project Einar 'Kvitrafn' Selvik (Jotunspor and ex-Gorgoroth). Wardruna creates ritualistic folk music with traditional instruments such as antlers and wooden logs, inspired by old runes. Fire, water, stones, and branches are use as well. The musical atmosphere that reminds one of an old pagan ritual site complete with trees, fires and druids, will become reality during Incubate as they will perform in an Amphitheater. With the mighty Gaahl of God Seed (also ex-Gorgoroth) on vocals.

Bus schedule:
Busstop will be the parkinglot alongside the Spoorlaan, facing the ABN Amro building. That is just 200 meters from the Info and Ticket Centre.

Bus ride 1 from Tilburg to Natuurtheater: 21.00
Lecture Kennet Granholm: 21.45 - 22.30

Bus ride 2 from Tilburg to Natuurtheater: 22.00
Show Wardruna: 23.00 - 00.00

Bus ride 3 from Natuurtheater back to Tilburg: 00.15
Bus ride 4 from Natuurtheater back to Tilburg: 01.00

Tickets for the bus rides (3 Euros for a return ticket) can be bought at the Info and Ticket centre at the Spoorlaan.

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Wardruna Live