Incubate has launched the Incubate API to make all festival-data available for use in apps, websites or even art created by Incubate-minded developers. The Incubate API is an Ally API, a REST oriented JSON Web Service Interface to communicate with the Ally database. Information about artists, time schedules, venues or the latest festival news can be easily collected using the API.

If you got any questions, please leave your feedback on http://incubate.org/2012/api/feedback or, if more confidential, e-mail api@incubate.org.  
Registration for API key:  http://incubate.org/2012/api/register
Incubate festivalinformation: http://incubate.org
Contact: http://incubate.org/2012/api/feedback or api@incubate.org

Please note, we’re updating the API regularly, adding new features. Think about geo-tags for eat/sleep/travel-addresses, news, etc..